Tailored Solutions for Schools 

Our goal at Tutortoo is to help every child excel through education. By providing tuition, workshops and out of hours activities for students, we aim to help open up opportunities in life some children may otherwise be denied. 
When you work with us, you can be sure all our Tutortoo tutors and club leaders have completed a rigorous interview process before going into schools, including an up-to-date enhanced DBS certificate, a recommendation from at least two appropriate referees, a photo ID check and evidence to work in the UK. 

Tuition for Schools 

By helping plug the gaps in a student’s knowledge and understanding, our tuition service enables pupils to reach their potential and schools to achieve their targets. 
We supply a range of one-to-one or group tuition packages to schools: 
For students who have fallen behind and need support catching up with the curriculum 
For students requiring intervention to help them achieve the grades they are capable of 
For students who cannot get into school because of physical or mental health issues 
For students who need additional support due to their learning needs 
Our tuition solutions are tailored to your needs so whether you are looking for online or in person, one-to-one or small group, during the school day or after the school day, we work with you to provide exactly what fits your requirements. 
We have qualified, fully vetted tutors available to support with all subjects across all year groups. 

Workshops & Seminars 

At Tutortoo we want to see every child embrace education, adopt a growth mindset and be rewarded with grades which accurately reflect their abilities. We work with schools across the country to provide workshops on school premises which inspire teachers and students alike. 
By sharing research-based techniques for information retention and recall, time management and mindset, our workshops equip pupils and teachers with the skills to succeed. 
We would welcome the opportunity to discuss face-to-face how our services could help support the students at your school. 

After-School and Holiday Clubs 

The extended schools’ agenda puts additional pressure on you as a school. Wouldn’t it be great if someone came along with a solution where all pressure was taken away from you and they paid you to implement it? 
We are really pleased to introduce you to THREE new after-school clubs which we would love to bring into your school over the coming months: GET CRAFTING, GET ENGINEERING and GET ACTING. The Clubs offer you variety so that the children in your school can involve themselves in different activities and learn different skills. 
These clubs are also used as the basis for our holiday clubs which are provided either from two hours per day or full day. 
Lots of fun and engaging activities for all children. 
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