High quality private Language tutors near you. 

French tutors near you 

Tutortoo has a number of excellent tutors that can ensure that you become fluent in the beautiful language of French. Learning French is one of the most difficult languages to master with grammar, pronunciation and gendered nouns to get your head around. 
Through a customised learning plan that works towards your targets, you will see your learning progress at a much faster rate whilst your knowledge and understanding develops much deeper. 
Whether you need help to prepare for French exams, want to improve your spoken French, or are working on written French projects, our high-quality French tutors will develop the right educational plan to get you there. 
The experienced French tutors at Tutortoo will be able to work with you to find the most effective learning methods to get the best results in terms of becoming fluent and grasping an in-depth understanding of French grammar. Whether you want to become more confident using the definite article corresponding to the English article β€˜the’ (Le/La/Les) or you need support to get to the level of native French, Tutortoo can help you achieve your goal. 

How you could benefit from a private French tutor 

A specialist tutor will walk you through the easiest way to learn the more challenging areas that may be holding you back.  
Whether you are looking to achieve the GCSE results that get you into your chosen college, or you want to study it at degree level to pursue a career that requires that level of fluency, our tutors will help you to reach your goals. 
Primary School French tutors 
Languages are subjects that are easier to pick up at a younger age, which is why it is a great idea to start learning French whilst still at primary school age. Languages are not always taught at primary schools, with the National Curriculum languages requirement not coming into force until Key Stage 3 level. However, children can greatly benefit from learning French and other languages through a specialist French tutor for primary level. 
GCSE French Tutors 
Unlike the core subjects like Maths and English, French is often introduced at Key Stage 3, which means that students have less time to develop a strong understanding of the subject before they go onto the French GCSE exams. Therefore, it can be hugely beneficial to work with a GCSE French tutor to help improve understanding and fluency in time for the exams and achieve higher grades. 
A Level French Tutors 
There is quite a jump between GCSE level French and A Level French and many students find it a challenging transition. They are required to work at a faster rate and go into much deeper detail and advanced use of their language skills. Hiring an expert A Level French tutor will ensure that the transition goes more smoothly, leaving students much better prepared for their A Level French exams. 
Degree Level French Tutors 
At university, studying French has a whole new set of expectations and learning methods. Far from the textbook based learning of phrases, degree level students are expected to be able to demonstrate an advanced level of fluency, often spending a year studying in France to fully develop their understanding of French culture. A private degree level French tutor can help students to reach this level and develop improved exam techniques. 
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