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Terms of Enrolment 

(a) Tuition is provided in small groups with a maximum of 6 students in each group. 
(b) The tuition will take place during typical term time dates for 36 weeks of the academic year. 
(c) Tuition will be provided by qualified teachers. 
(a) All places must be booked by 5 September 2022. 
(a) By completing the enrolment form and paying the deposit, you have entered a contractual agreement with Tutortoo for the provision of the tuition for your child(ren). 
(b) The contract will end once the 36 weeks of tuition have been delivered. 
(a) You can choose preferred class times and locations from the lists provided for each subject. 
(b) You can select either online or in-person classes or a mixture of both. 
(c) If your preferred time class is already full, you will be provided with alternative class times with spaces and/or be added to the waiting list for your preferred time. 
(d) Additional classes may be added if a waiting list for a particularly time reaches 6 students. 
(a) The overall cost of the tutoring being provided across the school year has been significantly reduced because this is a block booking. This means that your child’s place has been booked and reserved for them for the whole academic year and cannot be filled by anyone else. As such, upon booking, the full cost of the programme is due. 
(b) A £50 deposit is payable upon reservation of your child’s place. 
(c) Three further monthly payments (£450 for early bird bookings before 19 August 2022 or £567 after 19 August 2022) are payable in equal monthly instalments on the 15th of each month for three months after the date your child’s place is reserved. These payments will start on the closest 15th of the month to the date of reservation. 
(d) Once the reservation has been made, you are committed to paying the full cost of the programme. 
(e) If payments are not made on the specified dates, your child will be unable to attend classes until the payment is received. 
6. TERM 
(a) The tuition will be provided over the course of one academic year, a period of 36 weeks. 
(b) The programme entitles you to 3 hours of tutoring per week which is available as one hour of maths, one hour of English and one hour of science. 
(c) In total, your child will be able to access 108 hours of tutoring across the academic year. 
(d) The contract can be terminated by us based on behaviour – refer to clause 10 below. 
(a) The full cost of the programme is non-refundable and all payments are due on the due dates set out in clause 5 above. 
(b) If any classes do not run because there are insufficient students registered, and no alternative classes are available for students registered, a refund will be provided. 
(c) Consideration may be given to making refunds to students who have to withdraw due to exceptional mitigating circumstances. Such cases are considered on individual merit and such cases must be submitted in writing to Joanne Burton, Director, in the first instance. For the avoidance of doubt, academic and financial difficulties are not normally regarded as acceptable reasons for any refund or reduction in fee liability. 
(a) Tuition runs in term time only so that all holiday times are avoided. 
(b) If your child is unable to attend any session(s), for whatever reason, they will be provided with copies of resources used in those sessions. 
(c) No discounts or refunds will be provided for any sessions missed, for any reason. 
(d) Missing classes will impact the overall effectiveness of the tuition in raising grades. 
(a) All classes start punctually. 
(b) Students should log into online sessions or arrive at in-person venues at least 5 minutes, but no more than 15 minutes, before the start time for the session to allow for a prompt start. 
(a) Disruptive or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated at any level. Should such behaviour occur, it will be dealt with swiftly by talking to you and your child in the first instance. Should such behaviour continue, this may lead to the removal of your child from the sessions for a period of time or permanently depending on the behaviour. 
(a) If your child attends tuition sessions in-person at a local venue, they must be dropped off no more than 10 minutes before their scheduled sessions and collected promptly at the end of their session. 
(b) If you are repeatedly late collecting your child, you will be charged £10 for every 15 minutes after the end of the session. 
(a) We do not make any guarantees in relation to grades. 
(b) Typically, year 10 students who follow our programme over the course of an academic year make two grade boundary jumps in terms of their performance from the start of the programme to the end of the programme. 
(c) Students who achieve the best results are the ones who engage, complete set tasks and follow instructions for revision. 
(a) We collect personal data from you at registration which includes special categories of data being health issues and special educational needs. 
(b) The purpose of collecting the data from you is to provide the tuition to your child effectively and in a safe environment. 
(c) Your data is stored on our CRM system and you have access to your own account on that system to review the data at any time. 
(d) Once the tuition is finished, you are free to ask for your data to be fully deleted from our systems. 
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